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Aire Jr

Aire Jr chair range



Stefano Getzel

Aire Jr is a range of armchairs that are available with cantilever, mobile or glides, height adjustable and folding seat options.

Chrome or silver-grey finishes are available in the swivel version with a polished die-cast-aluminium base.

Aire Jr task chairs have a synchronised mechanism to co-ordinate the backrest and seat adjustments.

They are available with tinted or coloured backrests that match the leather armrests and seats. Glossy white, black, or see-through backrests are also available to match glossy white or black frames.

a). £149 to £399
b). £199 to £399
c). £199 to £499
d). £199 to £399

Prices include VAT

Luxy Aire chair material colours

Dimensions in cm
A). fixed height cantilevered seat
Width 54cm
Depth 49cm
Height 81cm
Seat height 43cm

B). fixed height mobile seat
Width 62cm
Depth 51cm
Height 84cm
Seat height 46cm

C). height adjustable mobile seat
Width 63cm
Depth 62cm
Height 75 to 93cm
Seat height 42 to 56cm

D). folding on glides
Width 60cm
Depth 48cm
Height 84cm
Seat height 46cm


Delivery Time
8 working weeks

Other options
Optional folding writing tables, aluminium anti-panic swivel seats and tip-up seats are available.