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Fermob Bistro folding tables - square & rectangular tops

Square Bistro table

Square Bistro table Fuchsia Bistro square table Bistro posuer table Bistro posuer folding furniture Bistro rectangular top folding table rectangular top Large folding table rectangular top


Metal Bistro folding tables with square and rectangular tops. Each table is finished in a very high protective anti-scratch and anti-UV lacquered steel. These Bistro tables include foot protectors and a detachable central cop covering an opening for parasol support.

6042 57x57cm no parasol hole

0244 71x71cm with central capping and removable parasol hole

0250 71x71cm posuer height, no parasol hole

6034 37x57cm no parasol hole

0243 77x57cm with central removable capping and parasol hole

0239 97x57cm with central removable capping and parasol hole

0240 117x77cm with central removable capping and parasol hole

Designed by Patrice Hardy.

Fermob Bistro Square top table

Black Aniseed Green Aubergine Carrot Cedar Green Cotton White Fjord Blue Fuchsia Garnet Grass Green Lemon Linen Nutmeg Paprika Peony Poppy Russet Savanna Steel Grey Storm Grey Turquoise Verbena Green Willow Green

6042 57 x 57 - H74 cm
0244 71 x 71 - H74 cm
0250 71 x 71 - H105 cm
6034 37 x 57 - H74 cm
0243 77 x 57 - H74 cm
0239 97 x 57 - H74 cm
0240 117 x 77 - H74 cm

Laquered steel. Steel sheet table top.
High Protection Treatment for outdoor use.
Anti-UV powder coating.
1-year guarantee
Contract use: Very High Protection
Treatment recommended.